Tuesday, December 23, 2008

One just for the ladies

This time of year is all about sweater dresses. Pair it with some shimmery tights, boots, layer on some knockout accessories and you're ready to party all night long without freezing your ass off! But it's not easy to carry off this look, thanks to the nature of the material sticking to ALL your curves (especially those unwanted ones). So here's my Fashion Tip Of The Week:

Get sweater dresses that either cinch you just below your bust, or at the waist, then the rest (and this is key) floats away from the body. This will camouflage the tummy, hips & thighs, giving everyone the illusion of a sleeker and sexier you!

Check out the above sweater dresses that I'm oggling at the moment:
(Top) Banana Republic's Wool Knit Dress - on sale for $99.99
(Bottom) Victoria's Secret Stretch Cotton Rib Turtleneck Sweaterdress - on sale for $39.00


Anonymous said...

I'm going to kill myself now.

Anonymous said...

Me likey Vicky's Secret design!! (its cheap too!!!)

Muneeba said...

C'mon pesky brother, you should help me promote my blog! Stop dying of embarassment & do something worthwhile for big sis!

And yeah Amna, am partial to the VS design myself .. and the price tag of course! We're in an economic crisis after all!

Anonymous said...

I also think that the ugly boots the model is wearing in the BR photo are killing it for the dress!! Need some taller boots, maybe in a nice brown would make it more appealling...!

Muneeba said...

Tall boots would look good too ... although I try not to overdo the brown & green combo, 'coz I'm afraid of looking like a tree! I actually like the short booties ... they make it a very trendy look .. sweet-sassy.

Doppelganger said...

Ok, I hate booties! but I love the VS dress! the pleats are fun and playful without being cutesy, like a little 10 year-old's skirt! :P pet peeve! a lot of bollywood actresses wear those stupid pleated skirts, thiking that just because they're thin enough to wear them, they should! URghhh! makes me mad! ... Sorry for the useless tangent...what was I saying...oh yes! beautiful dress!