Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring Pairings

Things that go together:
  • DH and I
  • Audrey Hepburn and that little black dress
  • Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul
  • Sarah Palin's speeches and my migraine
  • Leo and Kate (not to be confused with Jon and Kate - blech, now I have a bad taste in my mouth!)
  • Strawberries and cream
  • Chocolate and coffee
... apples and potatoes?

That's right. Apple, meet Potato. You may not believe me, but I think the two of you are going to get along just fine.
Bonjour, you sexy thing ...

Oh excuse me, you're Scottish you say, not French? I beg your pardon, lassie ...

So you hail from the MacIntosh clan, eh? Well, if I may be so bold, you young lady, are a fine specimen.

*rolling eyes at my pathetic juvenile humor*

And that, folks, is an example of why I will never go into acting or comedy.

I have to remind you, dear readers, that I don't even like apples much. But the idea of having it in a savory snack was really appealing. I simply had to give this recipe a whirl. Plus, the pictures on this person's blog made the dish look completely irresistible.

Apple-Potato Fritters (original recipe by Chocolate Shavings)
Makes 6 fritters

1 apple, peeled and grated
1 large potato, peeled and grated
1 egg yolk
2 tbsp rice flour
2 tbsp Parmesan
Salt & pepper to taste
Canola oil for shallow frying

1. Combine the grated apple and potato, then spread them out on thick paper towels for all the moisture to drain out.

2. Mix the apple-potato mixture with the rest of the ingredients, and stir till everything comes together.

3. Heat a few tbsp of oil in a frying pan till shimmering.

4. Drop a heaping tbsp of the batter into the hot oil and flatten the top. Crisp on both sides, then serve with cool sour cream.

Verdict: Crispy goodness that was a cinch to put together. Makes a great snack for DH when he comes home from work. And of course, since I'm the dutiful wife, I had to give him company and partake of my share - I simply had to, I tell you! Funny how I'm humming just thinking back to the taste of this fritter in my mouth. Omnomnom!

Oh, and speaking of strange things that go together - well, there's these two ...

Bashaar: "Erm, excuse me, but I believe I may have soiled myself Mummy."
Ozzy: "F@#$ing hell, not again! Mummy, you need to attend to this kid pronto!"