Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Merry Pakistani Christmas

Granted, no one in my family actually celebrates Christmas (except if they have kiddies; then they're emotionally blackmailed into buying presents and decorating the house!), but nevertheless, we enjoy this time of year. It's an excuse to get together with family and close friends, play silly games, have a lot of laughs, and even more food!

In that spirit, I wanted to share some delightful images from my pakistani Christmas feast this year. DH and I were just the hungry guests at this family gathering. It was all the aunties who contributed some pretty mouthwatering dishes.

Tender Seekh Kababs

Marinated Roast Chicken & Veggies

Goat Curry with Green Peppers
The people who had invited us over for this wonderful dinner embody the true sense of the Christmas spirit. They've always been there for DH and I, since we've been married, sharing in our joys and sorrows. Not only did they open their homes to us, but also their hearts, completely. So no smartass remarks from me today, just humble gratitude for their generosity.

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Doppelganger said...

Good God! I'm drooling more than my teething baby! I need a bib! Can I move there somewhere close by, so that you can introduce me to these wonderful people who make seekh kabab?! *Sigh* I'm making bihari kabab for the hubbs tomorrow, but now I wish I was making seekh favorite food in the entire world!!! Hands down! :)

Glad you had a wonderful meal with wonderful people though. I miss desi get-togethers! they're always so special!