Sunday, December 21, 2008

Baby steps

You know that feeling in the pit of your stomach when you're sitting in an airplane that's making it's last mad dash on the runway just before takeoff? When the engines are on full blast, and the whole damn contraption is rattling like a roller coaster? That's the feeling I'm having right now. A rush of nervous excitement, with a sprinkling of dread. I can't believe I'm actually doing this! Well, this plane has officially taken off, and I'm strapped in for the long haul, for better or worse.

Today is officially my first day creating my own little space here in the blogosphere. And I'm grinning like a monkey!

*Deep breath out* ... why am I doing this? Putting out another food blog into a blogosphere already full to the brim with them? Because it feels right. Believe in kismet anyone? I do.

Coming from a family where get-togethers were just an excuse for all of us to gather around and admire the food, dig into it with gusto, shower praises on the cook, lick our fingers and sit around discussing the world's problems around the dinner table for hours ... this blog was just a matter of time!

Looking forward to the next great meal, whether from my own hands or someone else's, has become my subconscious quest. It's always there at the back of my mind. It could hit me in the middle of a conversation, or as I'm walking down the street, or typing furiously on the computer ... "what's for lunch/dinner?". My mind will rapidly scan images of the contents of my fridge. If the verdict is something satisfactory then I'll quickly resume my current activity without barely a pause. But oh ... if the mental images leave my stomach yearning for something else ... well then. THEN I have to start my search immediately for that elusive "something else". Because, let's face it folks, you are reading my blog because we believe in a universal truth ... that there aren't many things more disappointing than a bad meal.

"Say it again, sista!" you say! I hear you folks ... and I'm here FOR you.

So there's going to be recipes and general food porn for all. There will be discussions about books, fashion and maybe politics ... with a nod to the two men in my life that consume all the love in my heart, my darlin' hubby (henceforth known as DH) and my little munchkin Ozzy (cat, but oh so much more). I'll be talking about anything that I'm feeling particularly strongly about, so watch out for the occasional cussing! I can only hope that you'll walk a few steps with me on my culinary journey. You could dance a little jig when I experiment successfully with a new recipe, or give me your shoulder to cry on when I fumble ... and I will. But mostly I just hope that you'll try my recipes for yourself and your loved ones, and add them to your own "foolproof success" recipe file!

You know that feeling as the airplane you're sitting in is 30 secs from landing, and you can see your destination rushing up to meet you, followed immediately by the final touchdown? That sense of relief .. of "I'm here! I made it!"? That's how I feel right now, as I'm finishing off my first blog post. I'm home!

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LifeWithZ said...

Hi Muneebs!!

Kudos girl on your own blog :) I will try and be a regular visitor. I didn't know you were a foodie! Can't wait for some yummy recipes and a slice of New York life..

- Reshma