Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Keeping It Steamy

Don't give up on me yet, dear readers. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and I've been missing all my blogging buddies so much! But I've met my match in this baby of mine. If there's anyone who can reduce me to a distracted, dysfunctional mess, it's this little one! He was even able to keep me from my blog for weeks - something DH conspired to do for a long time, but never succeeded. Of course, if I was more organized, I would've written a bunch of blog posts in advance of my delivery and simply published them every few days. So there, that's a good suggestion for all you expectant food bloggers out there - pencil this into your list of things to do before you head off to the hospital.

All right. Enough baby talk.

Ok, maybe just one last thing ...
Teehehehehehe - my poofy snowball! He's hilarious.

Ok! Now I mean it! Done with the baby talk for one post!

On to yummier prospects. It's silly to even ask what I did on Valentine's. DH got off easy this year. He is a complete non-believer in Valentine's Day, but usually gets last minute guilt and buys me lovely flowers anyway! This year all I got was a massive headache from lack of sleep and fatigue. And all he got was a cranky bitch of a wife. Pretty fair, me thinks.

Still, it's been more than a week since that day, and it's amazing how things have gotten dramatically better. We're having actual adult conversations again. We've almost caught up with our favorite TV shows that we used to watch, snuggled together on the couch. And although fickle Father Winter has limited us in where we can go with B, we're actually planning a date night later this week - leaving B with grandma at home. I'm soooooo ready for that! I might even make this decadent hot chocolate for him tonight, to get him in "the mood" before our date (although, let's face it, right now both of us don't need too much motivation - just a window of opportunity would be nice!).

Decadent Hot Chocolate For Two (thanks Lisa of I Must Have A Lot Of Time On My Hands
for this recipe!)

Click here for printable recipe

2.5 oz semi-sweet / bittersweet chocolate (approx. 70% cocoa)
2 cups milk
2 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp allspice
Pinch of salt

Method: Combine everything, except the milk, in a pot, over low heat, until the spices combine with the melted chocolate to make a paste. Add the milk slowly, whisking continuously, bringing the whole thing to just under a boil. Remember to make sure the mixture is completely smooth before serving with a dollop of whipped cream on top, or ice-cream, or a few mini marshmallows (the big, fat one I used looks adorable, but doesn't make for an elegant mouthful!).

Verdict: This is the closest I can get to that hot chocolate you see in the final scene of one of my favorite movies - Chocolat. Oh dear gawd, pairing chocolate and Johnny Depp together was my version of heaven! There's something sensual and luscious and slightly kinky about the way really creamy, thick hot chocolate slips down your throat. Drink this while gazing into your loved one's eyes, and who knows, you may be in for one steamy night!


Varsha Vipins said...

ooohh..I love that poofy snowball..can I babysit pls??
..n gal ,you are all set huh..;);)..may u be blessed with steamy love moments with that awesome cuppa thing..!!:D

Joanne said...

Bashaar is SO adorable! he really is a little puffball of cuteness.

Total understandable that you've been busy...and with GOOD REASON! This hot chocolate sounds the spices you add it. They give it that homemade heavenly touch.

Hope you and the DH have a fun date night!

Anonymous said...

What an adorable baby! He will sure keep you busy for a little while longer, but then things get a lot easier after a few months :) That hot chocolate is totally decadent!

Finla said...

Don't worry when my daughter was so small the last thing i had in mind was even cooking as she took all the time and if i got a hour free i just wanted to cach up with the sleep i didn't get.
Love the choco mile and i want to have him atleast to hold him for a while. Hugs to you and the baby.

Malar Gandhi said...

Wow, thats a sweet news...he is adorable:) You must have been really busy and absence from blog is very understandable. Take care, dear.

Hot chocolate sounds nice, thanks for this wonderful recipe:)

Cathy said...

Awww your baby is adorable!!!

Lele said...

Omg Chocolat... That movie makes me so HUNGRY! Plus, obviously, more hopelessly in love than ever with Johnny Depp.
Your baby is ridiculously gorgeous, and I have to say I kind of want something like that to wear. I get so cold this time of year!

Kerstin said...

Awww, what a cutie pie all bundled up :)

I LOVE hot chocolate and have it almost every night after dinner as my dessert in the winter, so I will trying this! Hope you had a relaxing date night :)

Foodiewife said...

So good to see you blogging, Muneeba! Your snowball is adorable.
As for the chocolat... yummy! I've been craving it, lately, and this looks like the perfect recipe.

nandini said...

Truly absence does makes the heart go fonder... for almost two weeks i have been peeping in and waiting for ur new post!!. Ofcourse with such an adorable distraction - I think everything else can wait.
'Chcolat' my fav movie too!!..

Hot chocolate looks super good!!.The rich chocolate with the marshmallow float looks absolutely divine!

Maria said...

Awww ... too cute!

And that hot chocolate doesn't look too bad either! Actually, it looks so rich and warm I could go for a big mugful right about now.

chow and chatter said...

oh wow you had your baby, adorable and managing to blog, impressive so sorry you had a c section I had one too, so so happy for you sweet Muneeba

love Rebecca

Unknown said...

OMG, he is gorgeous :D. Congrats daaaaaahling. Wishing you lots of happiness as a mother :D I've missed you, am so glad you are back.
*kisses* HH

Sophie Sportende Foodie said...

Your babay is a real cuty, lucky mother!

Your hot chocolate looks so tasty!!

tasteofbeirut said...

This is too good!