Friday, June 26, 2009

Move Complete - Made It, Just Barely!

I'm so overwhelmed and touched by all your kind words, dear readers! It must be all your good wishes that have left me with a smidgen of sanity these past few days. I'll never forget your support ladies, and am so grateful for it. As of two days ago, I officially became a Connecticutan ... erm, Connecticuter? ... hmmm, maybe I'll just stick with New Englander for now. Ok, so about the actual move, I won't lie to you; things got pretty hairy. It'll have to be a tale for another time though, because I think if I repeat it so soon after the fact, I might suffer from an aneurysm. I managed to get through the packing, and am smack in the middle of unpacking - which, as some of you so wisely pointed out, is not any easier. For one thing, I've never seen my ankles so swollen. Not the most attractive look for me.

The kitchen in the new apartment is slightly bigger than a closet, but at least has a window where I get pretty decent light throughout the day. I haven't cooked anything in it yet (unless you count
boiling eggs), and my fridge is a barren wasteland. So right now I can only reminisce about the nummy apricot treats that I was gorging on while I was still in NY.
In my previous post I mentioned that the apricot jam/compote I made was the key ingredient in a new grilled cheese sandwich I was feasting on? Well here's what I meant. Warning: Proceed with caution, especially if your knees go weak at the sight of melty, cheesy, toasty goodness.

Apricot Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Serves 1

Click here for printable recipe

2 slices sturdy rye bread
Homemade apricot compote
Sharp cheddar cheese, sliced 1/8 inch thick
Smoked Gouda cheese, sliced 1/8 inch thick
2 tbsp Butter

1. Melt 1 tbsp of butter in a non-stick pan over med-low heat. Spread a layer of the apricot compote onto one slice of the bread. Cover with one layer of the smoked gouda, then another layer of sharp cheddar. Cap it off with the second slice of bread.
2. Lay it in the pan, and press down for 3-4 mins with a panini press, or just use a small heavy-bottomed saucepan. Turn up the heat a little to make sure the bread is crisped well on the outside.

3. Add the remaining butter and flip the sandwich over to toast on the other side, for another 2-3 mins. Then take it out, devour in under 5 mins, and go back to the kitchen to make another one. Don't deny yourself this precious gem, folks.

Verdict: I made this sandwich for my lunch for 3 days in a row, till the apricot compote was all gone. The smoked gouda isn't the best melting cheese, but the flavor it adds to this divine concoction is surprisingly fabulous. Plus, the cheddar melts beautifully anyway. The apricot compote, with hints of cinnamon, has just the right amount of sweetness to compliment the savoury cheeses. And really, who can turn down a perfect grilled cheese sandwich, with its mix of crunch and ooze?!

I'm really excited to send in a shot of these grilled cheese morsels to Jugalbandi's monthly food photography contest, CLICK: Stacks. Trust me, I have no delusions of winning any photo contests anytime soon, but it's fun to take part in something like this.

If you prefer to enjoy your apricots in a purer form, then maybe you'll go for the breakfast concoction I cooked up the other day. I simply sauteed a sliced apricot in a bit of butter and brown sugar, then topped off my oatmeal with it. I still prefer peaches for something like this, but it does cheer up a body to see that burst of sunset orange in your bowl first thing in the morning.


Varsha Vipins said...

Drool drool drool on that toast..!!!

Sophie said...

MMMM..those tostis look so comforting & lovely! I love it!!

Your breakfast looks great too! I really like to eat those tostis right nowas lunch! Yummie!

Donna-FFW said...

I feel your pain my friend. I recently moved 2 weeks ago today and I am so still discombobulated.

Your sandwich looks absolutely delicious. I know I would LOVE it.

Take deep breaths. Those stupid boxes will still be there tomorrow. one day at a time I tell myself. It honestly doesnt help worth diddly though:)

Pooja said...

Aww looks simply awesome Muneeba! I love cheddar cheese and need to try apricot jam n Gouda cheese!

Ann said...

Its really good to have a window in kitchen :) I too love that layouts.
hummmm Apricot and cheese sounds super yumm, I bet your pic has a fat chance of winning that contest. It looks just oooo Yumm!

Anonymous said...

Glad you made it to your new place! What a neat idea to make a grilled cheese with apricot - sounds awesome!

Parita said...

Dont have words!! what fantastic combination of flavors!!

Jennifer said...

How did I miss this little beauty, I love putting new and strange things on my grilled cheese sammies, never tried apricot tho! good idea

Nosh and Tell said...

oooh my goodness. I must have this immediately. I LOVE gouda and apricots and grilled cheeses--this is amazing.

Kerstin said...

That's my kind of grilled cheese -yum! Glad you're done with the move and good luck unpacking!

Zoe said...

heaven! I was thinking about making grilled cheese this morning so I guess my taste buds have led me to your site once again. Thanks for the inspiration!

Jess said...

Those sandwiches look ridiculously delicious. I don't have any apricots on hand, but I do have peaches. And a grill! I'm thinking grilled peaches and cheese sandwiches for lunch today. Thanks for the inspiration! (And congrats on the move.)

Foodiewife said...

I just made apricot-pineapple jam, and I made compote with some leftover fruit. I made a version of this, thanks to you-- I used whole wheat (hubby hates rye), gruyere, cheddar and some fontina. You're not kidding! Yummy!
PS: I've having my first giveaway. I think you might be interested...come visit me.

Michelle said...

What a unique combo! This is something I'd definitely would like to taste. Now if only I can get my hands on some apricots...

NKP said...

Looks wonderful! I do melt at the sight of melty oozy foods, sigh.
Good luck with all your organizing and unpacking.

test it comm said...

I like to add jams to grilled cheese sandwiches and compotes would work just as tell. Those grilled cheese sandwiches look great!

Sweetie Pie said...

Congratulations on making your move. Moving is never fun, but settling into a new place can be entertaining. I hope you feel at home in no time.

My mom and I always liked jelly on our cheese toast, and this grilled cheese would be perfect for the two of us. It looks so so so amazing! I think I did go weak in the knees. :-)

Deeba PAB said...

Just finger licking good stuff Muneeba! Yes, you got me weak in the knees! I could live on this & the oatmeal too!

Maria said... that grilled cheese sandwich. The sweet apricot compote definitely pairs well with the smoky cheese.

Congrats on your move!

Alejandra Ramos said...

Oh wow!! This sandwich just looks incredible. I'm dying to try it out. I love apricot combined with salty cheese. This is my first time on your blog and i'm already a fan! I'll be back for sure. Congrats on your move.