Wednesday, March 18, 2009

In The Spirit Of Awarding

I want you to know something. It's important. Sophie from Sophie's Foodiefiles is a real sweetheart! Trust me on this. She is one of those people who, were she not living in beautiful Brussels (that's Belgium y'all), and happened to be living in my neighborhood, I'd be regularly dropping in on and pestering for nummy goodies. And she'd probably indulge me. So Sophie, good for you that you're thousands of miles away from me! But even from that distance, she was kind enough to pass on this lovely award to me.

Thank you Sophie! This is my second award, just like it was for you!

Inspired by Sophie's spirit of giving, I'm paying it foward by giving this award to some folks who I likey very much:

- Just LOOK at her blog and you'll know why. She got me hooked on Tyler Florence, and has always been encouraging and generous in her comments. Plus she has puppies! And she used to live in Toronto. Go Leafs!

- Because she's got time for some amazing writing and cooking, while being a mom to FOUR kids. There's a method to her madness ... and it's hilarious.

- Another lovely girl who keeps encouraging me and cooks the most fantastic nummies! I have a separate list of recipes I want to try that just come from her blog.

- This young woman has a wonderful variety of goodies on her blog, that are always worth checking out. Oh, and she has a saffron apron - nice!

- ohhhhhhhhhh she's good this one! Lovely pics, I tell you. Her blog is really well presented and also has a wide variety of all kinds of recipes.


Varsha Vipins said...

Oh..Thank you so so much for showering those kind words one me Muneeba n ofcourse for the great so honoured.. :)
Congrats for the well deserved award dearie..enjoy..!! said...

Sending you a jumbo cartload full of thanks:)
My,my! I'm on cloud nine. Thanks Muneeba. Kind of you to have thought of me and I really really appreciate it.

Sophie Sportende Foodie said...

Muneeba, sometimes I would like to be living in your neighbourhood so that we can chat about food & life in general!! But I know that we are friends already !!! So, thanks for those kind words & again congrats on your well deserved award!!

Many greets from sunny Brussels, Belgium!!

NKP said...

Congratulations on your award! And thank you so much for your kind and generous comments about my blog.

Swapna said...

Oh!!! thank u sooo much for this wonderful award with pleasing words.

Muneeba said...

My pleasure ladies .. cheers! Here's to many more delicious awards!

Nandinis food said...

Hello Muneeba! First time in your blog here. I 'm very sorry to say that most of Swapna Pravin's photos are copied and cropped from many sites. I know it is hard to believe that. I'm also a recent victim of plagiarism. You can check my website for proof.

Muneeba said...

Usha, you're right, I AM shocked! Of course I know that plagiarism is a big problem for a lot of food bloggers ... I have no issue if ppl use my recipes/pics, just as long as they give me credit for them on their blog. But after reading on your blog about the proof ... must say, quite disturbing. I published your comment to give Swapna a chance to explain her actions. Thks for the heads-up though.